Our Services

Red Light + Near Infrared Therapy

Some of the many benefits include: Skin Rejuvenation, Wound Healing, Hair Regrowth, Fat Loss + Muscle Gain, Increased Testosterone, Anti-Anxiety, Inflammation Reduction, and more!

$25/Session 15 min

Ice Bath Therapy

Benefits of Ice Baths include: easing sore and aching muscles, centralizing the nervous system, limiting inflammatory responses, fat loss, and improving your stress levels and emotional resilience.


Infrared Sauna

Benefits of this treatment include: Toxin Elimination, Restoring tired and sore muscles, cleansing of skin cells, softening skin, burning calories, bettering sleep, and more! Infrared Saunas have a deeper cellular detox than other standard saunas!

$30/Session 30 min

PEMF Therapy/ Grounding

Medical Grade Grounding and PEMF Therapy! This is the most relaxing and calming therapy providing immediate relief from overstimulation and anxiety. Improves sleep, decreases inflammation, calms the central nervous system and more.

$20/Session 20 min

IV Therapy + Shot Therapy

Administered via IV, and Shots, we offer Ozone therapy, Ozone + UBI, NAD, Semaglutide, High Dose Glutathione, High Dose Vitamin C, Hydration Cocktails, Myers Cocktails, Fat Burner, Zinc, Magnesium and more. Call to schedule your IV/Shot appointment. 972-849-1650

Prices Vary. Call for Info. We accept HSA payments.


Wellness Therapies offer you affordable, achievable, and accessible, whole body Wellness. Our All Access Membership is $250/month. This gives you unlimited use of Red Light Therapy, Cold Plunges, Infrared Sauna Sessions, PEMF Grounding, and discounts on IVs, and Shots as well as priority access and discounts to our Wellness Classes. No Contracts or Cancelation Fees. Members have 24/7 Facility Access. 

Walk Ins always welcome. To avoid wait times we do encourage you to schedule an appointment.
We do not claim to be a medical treatment facility. For medical questions or treatments please consult your doctor.

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Open 10-4 Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Closed Sunday, Monday and Wednesday.
 Members 24/7 Access
 Appointments available for off hours. 
 Walk Ins Welcome!