Wellness Therapies

We offer Wellness Memberships which give UNLIMITED Wellness Therapies 24/7

Red Light+ Near Infrared Therapy

Some of the many benefits include: Skin Rejuvenation, Testosterone Boosting, Wound Healing, Hair Regrowth, Fat Loss, Anxiety and Depression Reduction, Muscle Recovery, Inflammation Reduction, and more!


Ice Bath Therapy

Benefits of Ice Baths include: easing of sore and aching muscles, centralizing the nervous system, limiting inflammatory responses, and improving your stress levels and emotional resilience.


Infrared Sauna

Benefits of this treatment include: Toxin Elimination, Restoring tired and sore muscles, cleansing of skin cells, softening skin, burning calories, bettering sleep, and more!


Red Light and Near Infrared Therapy

We offer two different options when it comes to Red Light Therapy! We have a full body bed as well as panels. Each modality offers different wavelengths of Red Light and Near Infrared. Our staff will assist you in deciding which one is better suited for the goals you are trying to achieve. We recommend RLT three times per week. 

$25/ Session

PEMF Therapy/Grounding

In an overstimulating world, come and enjoy a total body relaxing reset with our medical grade PEMF/Grounding mats. Calm your Nervous System, Release Anxiety, Balance Frequencies, Improve sleep quality, Reduce Inflammation and more. These are a must to any wellness routine!

$20/ Session


All Access Membership $250/month

1 Wellness Therapy Membership $150/month

Members have 24/7 Facility Access

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